Bike Size - Why it's important

Riding a bike that is the wrong size is difficult as doing it for any length of time can cause unnecessary stresses and strains on joints, particularly for youngsters. It can also be very dangerous as the bike is harder to control, making falls or collisions more likely. There are guidelines available, but the best advice prior to buying a bike for your child is to seek advice from a retailer who knows what they're talking about. Try a good independent bike dealer like Saddle Safari in Marlow where they will help you to choose the right size of bike for your child.  

A Guide to Children's Sizes 

Adult bikes are generally measured by frame size, however children's bikes are categorised by the diameter of the wheels. The table opposite gives a rough guide based on age and height, but there's no substitute for trying a bike out for size. It's a good idea to go for the biggest bike your child is comfortable on, with the saddle adjusted to a low position, thus allowing room for growth.

 Sizing Tips

  • Whilst seated on the saddle, put your pedal to the lowest position with your right foot on it. Your leg should be ever so slightly bent.Your left foot should be on the ground, on the ball of your foot whilst remaining seated.
  • Sit up straight on the bike, lean slightly forward and rest your hands on the grips. Your arms should be relaxed and slightly bent and most of your weight should still be going through the seat.
  • Rest your hands on the grips in your riding position. Your fingers must be able to grip the brakes with a minimum of movement.

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