Bikeability Balance

The Bikeablility Balance programme is the first module of Bikeability Plus, and is designed to help young children gain the confidence and skills required to ride a pedal bike independently, getting them off to the best start in cycling and assisting their ability to participate in Bikeability at a later stage in their school years. It is a series of school-based sessions that aims to provide children in Reception and Year 1 with basic balance and co-ordination skills they will need to ride a bike using games and balance bikes.

Once you have completed your Bikeability Balance training and received your pink badge and certificate you will be able to:

  • Fasten helmet
  • Identify parts of a balance bike
  • Pick up/put down a balance bike
  • Walk with a balance bike
  • Get on and off a balance bike 
  • Able to sit on a balance bike with feet flat on the ground and knees slightly bent
  • Able to come to a controlled stop using a brake, if the balance bike has one
  • Ability to come to a controlled stop using only their feet
  • Able to start a balance bike using their whole foot
  • Able to look in the direction of travel
  • Able to change direction
  • Able to glide with both feet off the ground
  • Able to play control skill games on a balance bike
  • Able to share space and communicate with other people
For more information please call Karen on 07999 210032.