Information for Schools

On this page you will find information regarding number requirements, registration, session times, requirements for the children's bikes, how to obtain funding, documents you can download and how to contact us if you need support.


We maintain a minimum instructor to child ratio of 1:6 and so the ideal number for a course is in multiples of 12, however we will normally run courses for any number over this.  L2 will involve 5 sessions. An example of how this would schedule is laid out below;

Example for 24 children on L2 course


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Pre break

All (playground)

Gp 1



Gp 1 (12 ) on road



Post Lunch

Gp2 (12) on road



For more than 24, we need 5 days, with the children split into 3 groups, doing one session each day.

L3 courses are a single session of 3 hours duration, maximum 6 children per session.

You can download a letter to send to parents here. To help encourage participation, we are happy to attend an assembly and talk to the children about what is involved.


We need a consent form for every child on the course. You can download this here. We cannot teach children who have not handed in a consent form. To enable us to ensure we provide you with the appropriate resources, we need consent forms to be returned one month before the course.

Session Times

Our sessions are normally run in curriculum time. Each session is 1½ hours long and scheduled to fit around your mid-morning break and lunchtime. Although there is no firm rule, we would normally expect to do L1 courses with yrs 3 and 4, L2 with yrs 5,6,7,8 & 9 and L3 with yrs 7,8 & 9.


The children need to bring in their own bikes, and these MUST be roadworthy. We will check all the bikes before starting and carry out minor repairs if possible, but we reserve the right to remove a child from the course if a bike cannot be made safe.


Buckinghamshire Schools. You can obtain funding of £40 per pupil trained from Bucks CC. Please note, we are not allowed to train the children on a funded basis unless the funding has been agreed in advance.


If you have any questions, prior to or after booking, you can contact us by email by clicking here, or call us on the number below.

Mobile  07999 210032 (Karen) 

If you need any assistance from Bucks CC, you contact Georgina Longley at,  or you can connect to Bucks CC's Bikeability web page here.


Consent form to be sent to parents. Children cannot be accepted on the course unless this has been signed and returned by a parent or guardian. 


Consent Forms

Copy of letters to be sent out by schools to parents for Levels 1, 2 3 & Balanceability courses

2017 Bikeability Balance Informa.docx 2017 Bikeability Balance Informa.docx
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2017 Learn to Ride.docx 2017 Learn to Ride.docx
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