During Level 1 Bikeability training, you learn to control and master your bike. The training takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic – usually in a playground or closed car park. You will gain basic cycle control skills including starting and pedalling; stopping; manoeuvring; signalling and using the gears on your bike. You will usually be trained in groups of 3-12 cyclists, although individual training may also be available in your area.

Once you’ve completed your Bikeability Level 1 and been awarded your red badge and certifictae, you will be able to:

  • Get on your bike, start cycling, then stop and get off
  • Ride your bike using the gears
  • Make your bike go where you want it to, including moving around objects safely
  • Give your bike a simple check to ensure it is roadworthy
  • Stop quickly if you need to
  • Look then signal
  • Look all around you when you’re riding, including behind, without wobbling
  • Signal if you’re turning right and left, without wobbling