Since 1996 there has been a National Standard for cycle training in the UK called Bikeability (click on the navigation bar above to see what each level entails). This replaces what most of us remember as the 'cycling proficiency test', but is much more comprehensive and adapted to the conditions cyclists face on modern roads.

BeSpoke/Spokes Cycling Instruction has been training children and adults in safe cycling for over 10 years and with over 100 schools and 10,000 children behind us, we have experience of every ability and every challenge that cyclists face up to daily.

For more details of what each level entails, click on the  TRAINING drop down menu or visit Bikeability's website by clicking here

When we're training, we:

  • Only       use fully trained, DBS checked instructors.
  • Always   perform safety checks on bikes and helmets before each session
  • Never     take a child out on the road unless we are confident they are ready
  • Always   provide feedback in writing and advice to parents on areas to work on